Friday, November 28, 2008

Here we go again . . .

Here we go again with being sick.  Landon came down with something yesterday (yup, on Thankgiving, poor kid) and spent all day today feeling really icky too.  He took a three hour nap this afternoon, and still went to bed early.  I'm hoping it's short-lived.  I really don't want to spend the whole winter fighting off one bug after another, especially once we have a baby in the house.  I'm just hoping I don't catch it this time, too.  

Thanksgiving was great, though, despite the illness.  We got up and went with Tyson to the Turkey Trot in a nearby park, where he ran the course and Landon and I walked some of it and watched the massive crowds of people.  We came home to shower and change, then we headed up to my Mom's house to eat and hang out.  We watched a lot of football, lazed around her house, and then ate a fabulous Thankgiving dinner.  Since Landon didn't feel well, we pretty much left right after we ate.  Then we came home, put Landon in bed, and watched a movie.  I love all the food on Thanksgiving and just the general feeling of celebration.  It was also really nice to be around our families.  

Today we took turns staying home with our sick baby while the other one went out shopping, so we got in our requisite Black Friday consumerism.  Tomorrow or Sunday we are planning on getting out the Christmas decorations.  Christmas is in less than a month!  I need to get going on putting together our Advent activities for this year.  I have some neat stuff planned, but I need to finalize it all before Sunday!  

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, and a little bit less filled with a sick baby than ours was.  

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