Friday, July 29, 2011


Today, we finally had a really good day, after several really rough days around here.

Today, I realized that my attitude really does set the tone for the whole household, and I decided to be more loving, patient, caring, and nurturing. It was in stark contrast to the cranky, tired, short-on-patience, yelling mama I had been lately.

Today, I swallowed my frustration and hugged those two sweet boys instead.

Today, instead of yelling when they bickered with each other the second I stepped out of the room, I went back in, pulled them into my lap and played with them some more.

Today, instead of sending them to their rooms for every small infraction, I used distraction and told just one more story full of spies and race cars.

Today, we actually enjoyed each other instead of crying out of frustration.

It was a wonderful day, and one I hope to repeat more often. But it did make me tired, and I am off to bed at 8 p.m. At least am going to bed happy with today instead of wishing for a do-over.