Saturday, February 28, 2009


Happy Birthday to me!  Today is my 28th birthday.  Currently, Tyson and Landon are out getting me coffee while I play on the internet, hold the baby, and watch TV.  Later we will open gifts, I will go knitting (I finished my sweater!), and then we are having Thai food for dinner.  We didn't plan anything too exciting because I just wanted to be at home and enjoy my family.  It should be a nice day!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Landon has been doing so well with Coleson lately.  We did have a couple days there where he was testing to see what would happen if he hit his little brother, but we got past that and now he seems to be doing really well with him again (knock on wood).  He especially loves getting to hold his little brother and asks me to take pictures.  I had to create a photos file just for the pictures of him holding Cole because I am starting to amass quite the collection.  They sure are cute, though.  

Landon has also been very into coloring lately, and discovered the other day that markers color just as well on skin as they do on paper.  He had such a blast coloring his hands, arms, and legs!  Thank goodness for washable markers!  He was so proud of himself and kept saying, "Look, mama!  Look!"  And, yes, I let him do it because sometimes keeping the two year old occupied for ten minutes (more like 45 if you count the bath that follows) is so totally worth it.  

I also just want to toss out there that I don't understand how people have babies, especially if they have other children, and don't practice babywearing.  Cole spends at least 50 percent of his day in a baby carrier, usually a ring sling because it's so easy to get him in and out.  He snuggles in and sleeps.  It keeps Landon from crawling all over him, my hands are free, and he gets to be right next to me.  It is quite possibly the best thing ever!  Plus, who doesn't love to look down and see their precious sleeping baby?

So, things are going well here.  We are sort of settled into a rhythm, and Cole is fitting in quite nicely.  This having brothers thing might just work out after all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope it's full of love and fun.  

Oh, and isn't my newborn the cutest in his Valentine's Day sweater?  I thought so.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We found a house we really like and we went today to make an offer on it.  The current owners have until tomorrow night to get back to us to accept or give us a counter-offer.  I really hope that we will get the house.  It's in a perfect location and there is tons of room.  We could live there for many years to come.  I know it's a little crazy to be buying a house right now with a new baby, but we are so eager to have a house of our own and this one would just be perfect!  Keep your fingers crossed that we get it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Nothing much happening around here for the Super Bowl.  We are having a few snacks and some beer, and trying to keep our two year old from throwing too many tantrums.  Currently he is crying because he wants to play with my sewing machine and I said no, so the world ended.  I hate it when he is like this.    

In more positive news, Landon sure does love his little brother.  He hugs and kisses him all the time and wants to hold him quite often.  I love the picture above.  Landon wanted to sit alone with Cole so badly, so he reclined the easy chair and made a little place for him.  So cute.  

Then again, he is acting out a bit more and waking up a lot at night, so I don't know if the transition has been as easy on him as he makes it look sometimes.  At least he isn't beating on his little brother.  Yet.  I know there are many years of that to come.  

Off I go to try to squeeze in a bath for Landon during half time.  If he will stop crying.