Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011

After spending a good chunk of yesterday evening backing up all our pictures onto our external hard drive, and deleting them off my laptop to make room for more, I have a completely irrational fear that they are gone forever. I have no reason to believe they are not all safe on the hard drive, waiting for me to access them whenever I choose, especially since I triple checked that they all survived the move. But, moving things like that from one electronic home to another kind of make me nervous. I mean, what if I lost ALL OUR PICTURES from the time Landon was a baby until now? Nerve wracking, I tell you. Luckily, when I do go to access them, I find sweet gems like these from just a couple months ago that are sitting there waiting for me. Thank goodness.

Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011

Hello, blog. It's been a long time. I have been thinking a lot lately about blogging and how to be "good" at it. I want to have one of those lovely blogs where there are great pictures and moving prose (that possibly eventually earns me a book contract, you know), but I just don't know if I can pull that off and the expectation stops me from writing anything at all. But, I have decided to do NaBloPoMo again this year, and I really would like, at least for the next month or so, to have this be a neat space with decent pictures and maybe something vaguely intelligent to say. So, here we go. I am spending the evening making room on my hard drive to upload a couple hundred pictures from the last few months and browsing some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. Maybe this time I will stick with it for more than a month or so. A book contract would be nice, after all.