Saturday, January 30, 2010

weekend adventures

We are off to the water park today! We went last year for Tyson's birthday and had so much fun we decided to make it an annual winter event. What's more fun than swimming suits and water slides in the middle of winter? Plus, the price is really reasonable. I think we will stop in Coeur d'Alene for a while to hit a few stores there and then head to the water park for some bowling, mini golf, arcade play, and of course some water slides. Happy weekending!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I spent about two hours listening to and watching Landon play while Coleson napped. I love to watch his imagination come out in his play. He uses different voices for the various characters, comes up with dialogue, and often quotes movies, TV shows, and me with amazing accuracy. When he is so deeply engrossed in his play I try not to disturb him. Which is largely why my morning errands did not get run and he got to stay in his pajamas until almost noon. I just love what he comes up with and chooses to do with his toys. And my household items, for that matter. Today his favorite props were the pieces of my salad spinner, which served mostly as a race car driver helmet, but also as a fireman's air mask and a bike helmet. We even took it with us when we did finally go run errands and visit with friends. I feel like watching him play this deeply gives me a bit of insight into the way his brain works and the things he finds important. And, it makes me realize that I really need to be super-aware of what I say around him.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Coleson!

A year ago today we welcomed our sweet Coleson into the world, and he has blessed us every day since then. He is such a happy little person and so full of joy. Over the last year he has grown so much, and learned so many new things. It's amazing to look at the transformation.

(Coleson, about 10 hours old.)
(Coleson at his birthday party.)

He has gone from a sweet, sleeping baby to a walking, almost-talking toddler. He loves his older brother and gives him a hug every morning as soon as he sees him. He smiles at EVERYONE and people comment all the time on what a happy boy he is. He is mellow and loving and we are so thankful he came to be part of our family.

We didn't do anything really special today, just loved on him a bit more than usual and gave him a cookie after dinner while we sang "Happy Birthday." But over the weekend we threw a birthday party for our families to attend, and we have another small, casual party planned with some friends tomorrow. At his party on Saturday, Coleson was way more into working the crowd and smiling at everyone than opening gifts, but he did have fun playing with some of the wrapping.
He actually slept through a little more than half the party (that's what we get for scheduling it during nap time) but he woke up in a great mood, ready to play.

Here's to another great year to come. Happy 1st Birthday, Coleson!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

So glad to have the holidays behind us. We are settling back in to a routine and I am thankful. In the new year I want to exercise more and keep from getting overwhelmed with keeping house. Nothing big.