Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Coleson!

A year ago today we welcomed our sweet Coleson into the world, and he has blessed us every day since then. He is such a happy little person and so full of joy. Over the last year he has grown so much, and learned so many new things. It's amazing to look at the transformation.

(Coleson, about 10 hours old.)
(Coleson at his birthday party.)

He has gone from a sweet, sleeping baby to a walking, almost-talking toddler. He loves his older brother and gives him a hug every morning as soon as he sees him. He smiles at EVERYONE and people comment all the time on what a happy boy he is. He is mellow and loving and we are so thankful he came to be part of our family.

We didn't do anything really special today, just loved on him a bit more than usual and gave him a cookie after dinner while we sang "Happy Birthday." But over the weekend we threw a birthday party for our families to attend, and we have another small, casual party planned with some friends tomorrow. At his party on Saturday, Coleson was way more into working the crowd and smiling at everyone than opening gifts, but he did have fun playing with some of the wrapping.
He actually slept through a little more than half the party (that's what we get for scheduling it during nap time) but he woke up in a great mood, ready to play.

Here's to another great year to come. Happy 1st Birthday, Coleson!


Abby said...

Your hair's gotten so long, Sarah! I like it!!

And happy birthday Coleson!!

anythingbutsnow said...

Happy Birthday Coleson! and GREAT Sweater Sarah!