Wednesday, November 12, 2008

early night

No knitting pics today, sorry, because there was no nap for Landon today either.  He went to sleep at 6:30 pm, though, which is nice.  Too bad the lighting in our house is horrible and I can't take decent pics tonight.  I might try anyway, we'll see.  

The CMAs are on tonight.  I don't usually watch shows like that, but it sounds like fun tonight.  So, I went to Wendy's and got Frosties for me and Tyson (yep, so healthy, I know) and he is even going to watch it with me.  I'm so lucky.  

I am almost done knitting some fingerless mitts for Tyson to go with the hat I finished for him on Sunday.  If they turn out nicely, I might make a few more pairs just to have around the house.  Of course, I still have a knitting/crafting to-do list a mile long, so the extra pairs of fingerless mitts might have to wait until all the more important stuff is done.  I am just such a fan of little, quick projects that fingerless mitts seem just perfect.  Anyway, I'm off to knit, watch TV, and eat junk food.  

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