Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Really Late Halloween Post

I never did the necessary Halloween post, so bear with me while I do it over a week after the fact. My boys both had a few costume options to choose from, thanks to their mama and their grandmothers.

Coleson chose to be a chicken, but he hated wearing the cute little hat that went with his costume. He was adorable anyway.
Landon chose to be Iron Man. He slept in his costume for about three nights leading up to Halloween. It ended up being the perfect choice because it was easy to dress him warm under it and sleek enough that he could run around easily while trick-or-treating.
I tried getting a really cute picture of them together in their costumes, and this was the best I could do. Yes, that is a wad of chocolate in Coleson's mouth. I don't think Landon was pleased that I was holding him back from running ahead with his friends.
They got a decent amount of candy, but not too much. They traded the bulk of it for toys from the Candy Fairy, and seem to have forgotten about the few pieces I let them keep. Coleson keeps asking, "Tee-Teet 'gain?" so I think he liked the whole experience. Overall it was a very successful Halloween.

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