Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"I Baby"

Coleson frequently reminds us that he is still our baby. Sometimes he adds that he is big, but still insists on being called a baby. Mostly, he uses it to call dibs on sitting on my lap. "Nee?" he will ask, his word for nursing. "Nee, mama, nee. I baby!" Today, though, he was a bit out of sorts and being very whiny (I think he is still feeling a bit off from being sick last week). Every question I asked him was responded to with, "I baby."

Me: "Coleson, are you tired?"
Him: "No, I baby."

Me: "Coleson, are you hungry?"
Him: "No, I baby."

Me: "Are you sick?"
Him: "No, I baby."

I think that was the only straight answer I got out of him all day. I can't tell if it's his way of telling me he needs to be babied, or if he is just taking me way too literally. Either way, it's pretty cute!

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