Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kid Humor

Landon is at an age where he is finally starting to get some jokes and word-plays. Sometimes he will tell me a joke, that he has obviously made up, that makes no sense at all and he will still laugh and laugh. Today, though, he had a good one.
Me, looking at what he had put on to go to church: "Landon, you can't wear those pants to church."
Him: "Why not?"
Me: "Well, they're sweats and they have a hole in the knee and you just can't wear them to church. Sweats are too casual, and we don't wear holey clothes to church."
Him, smiling slightly: "But, Mom, you just said they are holy!"
We looked at each other for a second and both burst out laughing. I love it when these facets of his personality come out.

Not to leave Coleson out, he has been really adorable lately about watching TV. He loves to watch train shows, especially ones that also feature construction vehicles. So, asks often to watch TV.
Coleson: "Mama, watch TV-D."
Me: "Do you mean watch TV?"
Coleson: "No, TV-D. A show." (Show is said very long and drawn out, like I'm pretty dumb and need all the help I can get.)
Me (I can't usually help myself because his little voice saying TV-D is just too cute): "Wait, you want to watch a DVD?"
Coleson: "TV-D, please?"
Then I usually give in because he is just too cute.

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anythingbutsnow said...

AWESOME :) I laughed so hard at the Holey pants! :)