Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five Things

I'm not feeling very positive this evening, and I'm not sure why. So I decided to do a "five great things about today" post to get my thoughts going in the right direction again.

1. I got to take a long, very hot shower this morning. I even shaved my legs.
2. I was able to go to Mindful Mamas and be surrounded by my friends for a while. Sometimes that is exactly what I need.
3. Coleson went down easy for his nap and Landon spent that time over at his grandma's house.
4. I got to make a fantastic dinner while Tyson took the boys out for a while.
5. I got a lot of knitting done today, and more planned for this evening.

Ok, so lots of good things did happen today. I was just having a hard time seeing it.

Now, on to the knitting . . .

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