Saturday, November 6, 2010

Date Night

Even though we had to cancel our overnight get-away this weekend, Landon still wanted to spend the night with my mom. So we sent him off with her this afternoon. Then for dinner we made plans to drop Coleson off with Tyson's parents, and we were able to go have hamburgers and beer at a local pub while we watched some football and actually finished conversations with each other. It was really nice. After picking up Coleson we rented a movie and came home thinking we would put him straight to bed and have a nice quiet evening.

Well, that was about two hours ago and Coleson just fell asleep. So much for a quick bedtime and long evening together. Good thing I'm not opposed to being up until midnight watching a movie. After all, there will be drinks made and Tyson even offered me a foot massage. Date night resumes!

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