Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not the Greatest

Today wasn't the best. And I knew it would be a long one from pretty much the second I woke up. Landon and Coleson woke up about the same time and were being so cute giggling and being silly together. I was laying there thinking that I just wanted them to be quiet. Not a good start. That was pretty much my attitude all day. Although, I will say it turned around a bit right before Tyson got home. I finally got both the kids outside and playing in the leaves and then it was nice. Thank goodness tomorrow is another day. Hopefully my attitude will improve because I think my kids might like to have a nice mommy for a day.


anythingbutsnow said...

Argh, I hate days like that! best of luck for tomorrow xo

Ivory said...

Oy, yes. Tomorrow is a do-over day. Monday was that kind of day for me - I just woke up looking for someone to fight with, and Alice is always up for a good tussle. One day closer to the weekend, yay!