Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20, 2011

Last December, we started thinking about getting a dog. We had family in town for the holidays that brought their dogs, and our boys loved them. They liked to chase them, pet them, be chased by them, and have them lick their hands and faces.

Maybe, we thought, our boys needed their own dog. So I began pouring over the animal shelter websites and Craigslist for the perfect family dog. I made a few calls, but nothing seemed quite right.

Then one evening, I happened across a Craigslist posting for Jasper. The post even said he would be a perfect dog for a family with a stay-at-home mom and little kids. I called, chatted to the owner to see if the dog met our criteria, and we made plans to go meet him and see if he would fit in well with our family.
We spent maybe 15 minutes with him before we knew he would be perfect. We told the other family we would think about it and call them, but when we climbed in the car and looked at each other we knew we had to have him. I ran back up to the house and told them we would be there to get him in the morning.

And he really has been the perfect dog for us. We marvel all the time that we got so lucky to find a wonderful dog like Jasper. I can't believe another family willingly gave him up, but I suppose they had their reasons.
He is lovingly loyal to us, and has everlasting patience with the boys. He is so well-behaved I can't believe it sometimes. And he is young, so we will enjoy him for many more years to come.
My boys definitely got a great dog to grow up with. Every boy needs a dog, right?

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