Wednesday, May 6, 2009

has it been that long?

I am so awful at updating.  Eek!  Sorry, everyone!

We have been spending SO much time outside lately.  Landon and I both already have pretty good tans going on, and it hasn't even been that sunny or warm (hence the lack of sunscreen that allowed such tans, oops).  He loves to be outside, though, and it makes my job a lot easier because we don't butt heads outside the way we do when we have to spend a lot of time indoors.  We got him a new bike too, and that has added to his fascination with being outside.  Luckily, Cole is such a mellow guy that he doesn't mind spending about seven hours a day outside.  As long as he can nurse, ride around in the sling, watch his big brother, and sleep once in a while, he is good to go.  Of course, I don't get anything done in the house unless Landon is in bed, Tyson is home, or someone else will watch Landon for a while.  That's ok, though, as the house is coming together nicely in spite of that.  Tonight I am supposed to be working on putting together my craft room, but thought I would do a quick update first.  

Of course, now that I am actually sitting down at the computer, none of my great blog topics are coming to mind.  Darn.  I guess it would help if I actually uploaded the pictures off my camera so I would have some props.  Ah well, I am going to work on that craft room now.  

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