Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Look, Mama, no wheels!

Today I went to the grocery store without Landon, which was very nice by the way, and I left him home playing with his Grammy and the five-year old who lives across the street.  Landon and this little girl love to play together, and they especially love to ride bikes together.  A few weeks ago, we got Landon a "big boy bike," a 16-inch frame complete with training wheels.  So, I left to go to the store and they were riding their bikes around and around our circular driveway.  

When I got home from the store, Landon immediately asked me if he could ride his buddy's bike.  She got her training wheels taken off a week or two ago, so I tried to talk him out of it since I didn't feel like pushing him around the driveway.  He insisted, though, so I started pushing him around on it.  Within seconds, he insisted that he wanted to "do it myself!"  I realized that he wanted to actually ride the bike.  I thought, Well, I'll let him give it a shot, but as soon as he crashes he will give up and ride his safe little bike again.  So, I put him in the grass, pushed him to get him going, and let go.  Off he rode!  Seriously! Like he's been riding a bike, sans training wheels, his whole life.  We did it a few more times, and then he ran over to his own bike and begged me to take off his training wheels.  All the horrible scenarios that could occur raced through my head, but hewas insistent, complete with tears, that they come off NOW.  

So, we took them off and we now have a little boy who rides a bike all by himself with no training wheels!  I was so proud of him, but at the same time my heart was hammering with nervousness that he would crash and get really hurt.  But, my-oh-my, was he proud of himself!  He kept saying, "I can do it myself!  I can ride with no training wheels! I can do it myself!"  Gosh, I love this determined little guy.  He is so amazing.  

We, of course, took a ton of video and some pictures, and I want to share this cute video.  This was maybe five minutes after we took off the training wheels.  
Isn't he amazing?  

Coleson also had his first giggle-fest today.  He laughed and laughed at me making faces at him for quite a while this afternoon.  He is such a happy little boy!

I am so blessed by my children!


Gretchen said...

That's amazing! Great job Landon! If he doesn't have the record for youngest boy riding without training wheels, he's pretty close!

anythingbutsnow said...

Hot Dog! what a guy! good job Landon!

Anonymous said...

This just blows us away! And to ride it in the grass, that isn't an easy task. Tyson and Sara, do you have any idea what is in store for you? Now it is time for a real chemistry set! What do you think? Maybe build a fire proof, explosion proof lab in the back yard! The possibilities are endless. We are SOOOO proud of you Landon!! The next time we come to see you we will bring our bikes too so we can all ride together.
Love to All,
Kimberlee, Shane, Uncle David and Mary.

Anonymous said...

Kimberlee just reminded me that it took her until she turned 7 before she could do it without training wheels! Yes, we are laughing out loud on this!

Memories of Yesterday said...

holy moley! I can't believe he could do it without the the GRASS! Seriously, I didn't master that until at least age 8. I'm very impressed!