Tuesday, April 14, 2009

house pics!

Here are the much-awaited new house pictures.  I wish our flowers were blooming, but so far we just have some green showing and no flowers yet.  I think it will be really gorgeous when everything is blooming this summer.  

The front of the house.
Our huge backyard.  To the right of this picture is the garden and clothesline.  
Our back patio (with my favorite tricycle rider).
The old swingset that was left by the previous owners.  

We really love the new house so far.  It's slow getting everything unpacked and put where we want it, but I think in another month or so it will really be starting to look and feel right.  


Memories of Yesterday said...

Your backyard is huge! It'll be great to have your own garden w/veggies!

Phil Partington said...

Do you have any inside pics? That's a nice looking home. How big is the lot? house size? You guys will have fun in that place.