Saturday, January 24, 2009

sewing and crafting

I realized I hadn't posted any pictures of some of the stuff I made for the baby. I think I put up all the knitting stuff, but I sewed a bunch too. See?

I made five pairs of pants total (ok, six if you count the pair I made for Landon too). One of the pairs obviously didn't make it into the photo. This pattern is so easy! Then I stenciled onesies and T-shirts to match the pants. They turned out really cute too, but apparently I didn't get a picture of them. Oops.

I also realized that I participated in the Holiday Traditions Exchange before Christmas and never posted about it! I was paired with Sarah B. in Georgia, and here is what I sent her:

My swap package to her included two handknit poinsettia dishcloths (I loved how they turned out!), a bar of peppermint soap, three little elf ornaments, homemade shortbread and the recipe, and our Advent tutorial.

She sent me two great books, a handmade holiday recipe book, a very adorable holiday house, and her tutorial on Santa Mouse. The picture isn't so great, but I think my computer ate the other one that was better.

It was the first swap I've ever done and it was so much fun! Once the baby is here and I feel like I have a little bit of time again I would like to find another one to do.

So, still no baby. Tyson took Landon for the morning and left me home alone to chill. I know the baby isn't due until next weekend, but I am so impatient to meet him and settle into having him here. I am trying to just be patient, but it's hard! Landon was cute this morning when they were leaving. He asked if I was going to come too, and I told him no. He started to fuss, but then he ran over and gave me a hug and kiss. Then he headed for the door blowing me kisses and saying "buh-bye!" Out he went with Dad and that was the end of that. Usually he cries whenever we aren't going to be together, but today he seemed ok with the whole thing. My little boy sure is growing up. Well, back to relaxing for me. I am trying to just focus on enjoying some quiet time before I have to chase two little ones around all day long!

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