Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Landon's activities

I just got done uploading some pictures, and I thought you might want to see what Landon has been into lately!

Landon the artist.

Driving in the snow, and playing "we're stuck!" Eek!

"Snow blowing" - doesn't that look suspiciously like his lawn mower from last summer? :)

Playing in the snow, and eating quite a bit of it too!

Shoveling with Dad. I swear I'm not a bad mom because he doesn't have a hat on his head - I had totally overdressed him and he was roasting!

Cooking is one of his favorite things to do, either with me or with his own cooking tools.

Riding his horse, named Bam, at Grammy and Papa's.

And now he is begging to be taken out to "play car." This means we sit in my car for at least 20 minutes while he pushes all the buttons and begs to turn it on. Yippee.

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