Friday, December 19, 2008


We have gotten a ton of snow over the last couple days. We are essentially snowed in, and it's absolutely beautiful! My pictures do it NO justice at all, since I am not a good photographer by any means.

Here is the neighborhood after the first couple hours.
(Out the front.)
(Our back yard.)

And here is our backyard yesterday morning.

It then snowed most of the day yesterday too. It's fun to live in a place where it snows like this again! Landon is having fun in all the snow, even though he's not quite sure exactly what to think of the whole thing.

Although I think the snow is beautiful, it would be nice to get out of the house for a couple of hours. I tried to wrap Christmas presents this morning, only to discover that I had used all of my tissue paper wrapping breakable things when we moved and therefore have no tissue paper to wrap anything Christmas-related. So, it would be nice to get more of that before Christmas is actually here. Plus Tyson and I really need some snow boots. We have been wearing rain boots, which have no insulation and it dawned on us that we now live in a snowy climate and may need to be properly outfitted.

Lastly, on a random note, we found Landon doing this last night:

He got the step stool, put it next to my laundry sorter and climbed right in using a fairly gymnastic maneuver. He was so proud of himself!

I have another post coming of a bunch of crafty and knitting stuff, but I wanted to get the snow pics up. I have been super-productive in the craft department lately. I've even surprised myself a bit!

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Sarah B. B. said...

Landon in the laundry bin = hysterical. We are just a little bit jealous of all of that snow! It was 70 here yesterday, and tonight it is supposed to be 19! No moisture in the forecast though, so it will just be outrageously cold. :) Merry Christmas!!