Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today my loving husband took me to the Nutcracker.  I saw the billboard advertising it about a month ago and called him at work to ask if he would please, please take me.  I love the Nutcracker, and I really enjoy ballet and other "cultural events."  He agreed readily, and bought us tickets.  So, today we got all dressed up, dropped Landon off at my in-laws' house, and headed downtown.  We went out to lunch and then attended the ballet.  We went to the matinee, so there were lots of adorable little kids there, all decked out in their Christmas best.  Despite all the children, it was nice to do something so grown-up.  The performance was really good, too.  As a plus, Landon had a great time spending all afternoon with his grandparents.  So, overall, it was a very nice day and I got to have a nice date with my husband before we have a new baby in the house.  In two weeks we get to go to the symphony's Christmas performance, too, and I am also looking forward to that.  It is nice to do a few things that make me feel like an independent adult without an attached child.  

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Sarah B. B. said...

Ah HA! Finally reading blogs from home so I can actually say hi! Your last swap item arrived today (WHOOHOO) so it should go in the mail tomorrow. :)