Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas decorating

We are pretty much decorated for Christmas here. We even got some cute pictures in the process!

Decorating the tree together. I managed to convince Landon that once the lights and the ornaments are on the tree they aren't supposed to come off. As a result, he has been really good about not messing with the tree too much.

The tree all decorated. We are not putting presents out until Christmas Day because the temptation to Landon would be too great. Plus, I have nothing wrapped yet.

This picture isn't necessarily Christmas-related, except it was taken while we were decorating. I think it's hilarious. Landon is really into having things be a certain way in his world, and this picture embodies his bossiness sometimes.

I know I mentioned talking about Advent stuff too, but that's going to wait for another day. I have Netflix to watch.

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