Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing Together

Just in the last week or so my boys have really started playing together. Not just playing in the same space or with the same toys, but actually engaging in games together. Coleson has long adored his big brother, and probably would have loved to play with Landon long ago. But Landon has just recently realized that Coleson can play with him, not just get in the way. Yesterday and today they have chased each other around the house pushing large trucks, "radioing" each other, and occasionally smashing into each other and then laughing wildly. Landon "read" Coleson some of his favorite books yesterday, after graciously letting Coleson pick which ones to read. Today, Landon decided that they should play some of their favorite games that Tyson plays with them. He took Tyson's role, chasing Coleson around the house and tickling him if he caught him.

So, with all this playing going on around me I have been free to sit and knit, or to finish my coffee, or to browse through the magazine pile that grows steadily in my kitchen. It's nice really. I feel like they are really growing into neat little boys, and I feel like I am doing something right if they will play together like this. It's so fun to see them become brothers.

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