Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here it is, the first day of December, and the fourth day of Advent. This morning I gave the boys their own little Advent calendars where you open the little windows each day to reveal a little chocolate inside. They were pretty thrilled. But at that moment I realized that in addition to those cute little calendars, I really should have also gotten out the nativity scene and the Advent wreath too. I want my boys to know that there is more to this season for us than little chocolates every morning (although I wouldn't complain about that either) and Santa with his band of reindeer (although they are currently quite fascinated with the reindeer aspect of Christmas).

So, while I was waiting to start the Christmas decorating until we could all do it together on a weekend, I think that while Landon is at school tomorrow Coleson and I will get out a few of our decorations. And when Landon comes home from school we will talk about them, and talk about our beliefs about Christmas and what it means to us. I love that they are so excited about Christmas and Santa and presents and reindeer but I want them to have the knowledge, too, that Advent and Christmas are a special time for other reasons.

I have struggled since Landon was born to piece together traditions for our little family from the traditions that Tyson and I each brought from our own families. Things that I thought would be fun or meaningful often didn't sit right with us (or completely failed). So, this year I want to keep it simple and let the kids and their excitement and awe about everything guide us. But I also want to start showing them and talking to them about how this season is more than getting gifts and looking at pretty lights. I don't know that much of what I say will stick this year, or even next year, but I feel like I at least need to do what I can to make this time of year magical and meaningful for our family. And I think this year I may finally get some things right with this whole Advent season.

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Chelsea said...

Sarah -- Hello! Just read this, and thought of something I found recently about celebrating this season of light in many small and meaningful ways. I'll email it to you as a word doc! +Chelsea