Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's been a while

I have been busy knitting lately, too busy knitting to update my blog. It has just seemed like the season for knitting and all my spare time has been used up by that hobby. I also started reading a book, which I haven't done in a long time. So I guess you could say I have been focusing more on my other interests.

However, I read other people's blogs on a daily basis and enjoy it very much so I finally figured that I should pay a bit more attention to my own. And by attention, I mean adding a bunch of pictures from our last few weeks in hopes that my adorable children will make up for my lack of words. The pictures are a bit Coleson-heavy. This is mostly because Landon hates having his picture taken lately and will either not look at the camera or stick his finger in his nose (cute, I know). Plus, Coleson is a huge ham for the camera and starts smiling as soon as we get it out.

Our days over the past six weeks or so have consisted of . . .

. . . riding bikes with neighborhood friends.
. . . crashing the bike (happened last night - poor guy!).
. . . getting new matching outfits made by Gram.
. . . taking baths with Dad.
. . . helping with laundry. He loves to watch the front-load washer through the little window.
. . . learning to play in the big kid toys. This has been coupled with learning to stand and trying to walk. Coleson wants so desperately to be able to play with the big kids!
. . . helping with dishes.
. . . LOTS of eating. Let me tell you, this boy LOVES food. Plus he has two new teeth (one top and one bottom), all the better to chew it with!

So, that's it in a nutshell. A lot has happened over the past six weeks or so since I updated, but it would take forever to type it all out. Let's just go forward from here, shall we?

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Abby said...

It's absolutely amazing how much Coleson looks like you - especially the eyes. :) And, oh sweet Landon's face after he got up close and personal with the pavement just broke my heart!! I hope he's doing better now. Tell him his buddies from Nashville hope he feels better soon!