Sunday, October 18, 2009

it was that kind of night

Last night was one of those nights. You know, the one where one kid wakes up, and as soon as he's settled, the other one is up, and pretty soon they are both up at the same time and neither one of them will go back to sleep? And then you get to repeat it again about an hour after everyone is finally settled back to sleep? Yup, one of those nights. Luckily they don't happen around here too often, which in a way makes them even worse because we're not used to them. Anyway, it wasn't much fun. Luckily they both went down easy for bed tonight and we are hoping they are too tired to wake up much tonight.

Earlier this evening Tyson and I left the boys with my in-laws and went out for a nice dinner. We even had cocktails before dinner and dessert afterward. I got to eat dinner and chat with my husband without anyone trying to sit in my lap, and no one called me "mama" for about two hours. It was wonderful. I'm thinking we need to do that a little more often.

Tomorrow Landon gets the second of three cavities filled at the dentist. He is usually really great at the dentist, but I am worried that all this work on his teeth will lead to him being one of those people who hates going to the dentist, even for a little cleaning. Hopefully after this we will not have to deal with any more cavities, as we are being super-vigilant about brushing and taking really good care of his teeth. Ugh, I think it might stress me out more than it does him.

In hopes of getting to bed early, I am going to go finish a cute knit vest for Coleson and relax. Aaahhh.


Abby said...

I'm sorry about your sleepless night. I don't know much about having two kids up at once, but I can say with certainty that one baby being up all night can seriously affect your sanity. I swear Hudson knows when I go to work cause he always sleeps worse on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Stupid smart kid.

On a completely different note, the dinner with Tyson but no kids sounded heavenly. I vote yes on you two doing that more often

turbo said...

sarah, i try to post, but as you know it is hard....
i'm glad your sleepless nights are far and few between, but they do wear on you when you got em....
miss you and your boys, when are you back over here? if we make it that direction, i will definately let you know