Thursday, August 20, 2009

weddings and funky days

We have been so busy the last few weeks, so no updating has taken place. Sorry. Here's a run-down of what has been happening with us.

About a month ago we traveled to Olympia to visit old friends and attend a friend's wedding. We were there for a week and had a great time just hanging out with our old buddies. It was ridiculously hot while we were there, though, but we just spent a lot of time playing in the cold water and we even took a day trip to the ocean. The boys did great in the car both there and back. I was so impressed with them.

The weekend after we got back from visiting Olympia, Tyson's sister got married. I took some really nice pictures, which I will have to share in another post. Landon was the ring bearer and even wore a cute little tux. A lot of family was in town for the wedding and we spent about six days just visiting with everyone and enjoying having company.

Last weekend a friend of mine from childhood got married, so off we went to another wedding. I got to see a lot of my friends from grade school/middle school/high school, so that was a lot of fun. We didn't get to stay too long, because Cole was really tired and couldn't stay asleep with the loud music, but at least we got to enjoy seeing people.

Then this week, and a little of last week, have basically been spent recovering from all the activity. We have been trying to settle back into a routine which I hope will carry us into the fall. Landon has been having some major melt-downs and I have been very short on patience. It's been a bit of a rough transition back to real life for us the past couple weeks. Today, Landon sobbed and screamed for at least an hour for a toy he saw at the store with my mom that he wanted me to drive back and get for him. When he finally stopped crying about it, he fell asleep, took a nap for an hour and a half, and then woke up and started crying about the darn toy again. I just keeping hoping tomorrow will be better.

I will try to be back here again soon with pictures from our adventures.

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Abby said...

Please, please make sure you include a picture of Landon in his little tux! And one of YOU all dressed up! :)

Sorry about the rough transition back to regular life. You gotta admit Landon has persistance in spades...too bad you can't just wave something shiny to distract him. Seriously though, I hope things settle down for you guys soon.