Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wrestling brothers

Landon and Coleson have started playing together lately. Usually it involves Landon trying to get Coleson to laugh at him, but Cole loves the attention and Landon likes to feel like a big brother. They are so cute together! Today they were having a great time wrestling on the bed and, lucky me, I managed to catch it on camera. (Sorry it's so dark - we have blackout shades. I'll have to try to lighten it later.)

Aren't they the cutest? I just love Coleson's shrieky giggle and how he is wrapping his arms around Landon like he's trying to wrestle back. Too cute!


anythingbutsnow said...

Okay admittedly I couldn't see much BUT COleson's giggle had me giggling so hard I dribbled coffee :) lol what cuties!

Abby said...

Those shrieking giggles by Coleson were the best! I love the part where Landon sat up and threw his arms in the air to proclaim, "I won!!"