Tuesday, March 10, 2009

peace at last

Both of the boys are sleeping.  How I managed that, I'm not entirely sure.  But it sure is peaceful to do something without holding a baby or dealing with a cranky and slightly sick (again!) toddler.  I do know they went to sleep with the help of many layers of clothes, a baby carrier, a stroller, and a long walk in the fresh air and sunshine.  It's a miracle I transferred them both inside without waking up, but there you have it.  Two sleeping boys.  

Landon starts soccer with his daddy tonight, and he is really looking forward to it.  I think he will have so much fun!  He has also been taking swimming lessons and is enjoying that as well.  We are also hoping to get him in some gymnastics sometime soon.  He loves to be active, so it's fun to see him doing activities like this.  He is growing up before my eyes.  Some days I look at him and can't believe he's the same little boy as he was the day before.  

Cole is also growing at an amazing rate.  He was six weeks old yesterday and I already feel like I didn't enjoy the newborn period enough.  I look at Landon and then I look at Cole and realize he will be as old as Landon is now before I know it.  He's such a mellow little guy and has fit right into our household without any problems.  

We move into our new house in about three weeks.  I am so ready to move in and get settled there.  Hopefully the move will coincide with spring making it's appearance since we will live within walking distance of three parks.  

Speaking of spring, what is up with all the snow and freezing temps?  It was fun to have winter until about a week ago and now I am officially done with this stuff.  Bring on warm temps, sunshine, and the playground.  

I'm going to knit a few rows while I have some peace and quiet around here.  I will try to hold off on the celebratory wine drinking, seeing as how it is only 3:45 pm.  Then again, it might make for a nice calm mommy when they do wake up from their naps.  Hmmm . . .

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