Thursday, May 3, 2012

Worm Hunting

We have been working a lot in the yard lately, tearing out and re-planting some landscaping and getting the garden ready for summer.  Coleson decided that he needed to go worm hunting with all this fresh dirt surrounding us.  
 It was my job to turn over the dirt with the shovel, and then he sorted through it with his smaller shovel, adding the worms to his jar as he went.
We were quite successful at finding worms.  Every few minutes he would take pity on the poor things and let them all go again.  He kept a few for a whole morning, even giving them a bath with the hose and a small bucket.    
He talked to them and called them "friends."  He worried about what to feed them and how much dirt he needed in his jar to make them happy.  He gleefully found rolly-polys, centipedes, and spiders too. This boy of mine, he loves all living things.  Worm hunting kept us busy for hours over the course of a couple days.  And you know what?  I think I had almost as much fun as he did.  

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