Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pool Season

Pool season is finally upon us, and my boys have been swimming like crazy. Thank goodness Grammy and Papa have a pool! We have spent the last four afternoons over there swimming and they love it so much. Plus, there is the added bonus of tiring them out like nothing else, and ensuring that they eat a great dinner that night. Coleson is constantly on bug patrol, and Landon always jumps straight in even if the water is freezing. I think this summer will consist of lots of time at the pool for these boys.


kate said...

Stopping by via SouleMama...what beautiful boys you have (I have 3 myself :) My parents have a pool too and we've been loving it!

(I'm in the same boat as you with the farm thing. My husband loves being a city-dweller but we make the most of our city backyard/garden too!)

Chelsea said...

oh, he is big! Missing that beautiful, cool pool (and the people inside it) this summer... +Chelsea