Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's been a long time since I've been here in my blog space, and we have just been living life with all it's ups and downs around here. Spring is definitely here, and we are starting to transition our activities in that direction. The days are longer, and our outside time is increasing in response. It's been quite lovely.

Today we have plans to work on the garden (expanding it to accommodate the huge number of seeds I bought this week!), re-organize the cluttered garage, take the boys to a dinosaur movie at the IMAX, and do a few more little chores around the house. Tomorrow will involve going to church, brewing some beer, and probably working in the yard again.

We are raising 30 meat chickens, gathering eggs from our five laying hens, and loving our new-ish dog. One of our kitties has had to transition to living in the garage because she was having territory issues with the dog. My kids are growing and changing so fast it's unbelievable some days.

So, are we all caught up then? Good.

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