Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Orchard

Recently, with Landon's preschool class, we went to a local orchard for some apple picking, pumpkin selecting, and a tour of the orchard. We had a really good time, and ended up spending most of the day there.
The boys each got to pick an apple. I got one too, and they were so good! We learned how to pick them properly so that we don't negatively impact the crop for next year.
Coleson showing me his apple. He was pretty excited to hanging out with all the "big" kids in Landon's class.
They also each got to pick out a pumpkin. I loved that the pumpkins were all little enough for them to carry out of the field. They currently reside on our dining room table, and are frequently colored with markers. You know, to decorate them for Halloween.
Landon grabbed one right away, but Coleson took his time choosing one that was just right. It actually says quite a bit about their personalities.
Landon ate all of his apple, and helped carry his pumpkin to the car. After we left, he held the pumpkin in his lap the whole way home (about 45 minutes) and talked to it. A few times I asked him if he was asking me something, to which he would reply in all seriousness, "No, mom, I'm talking to my pumpkin."

Before we left we had to play in the pea pit. It's like a huge sandbox, but filled with dried peas. My boys were in heaven because they had all kinds of digging trucks and stuff like that. I think they played for almost an hour before I finally convinced them to get out and go home.
We definitely have to go back again soon and get some more apples. I'm just hoping they still have some. I have yet to make my yearly applesauce. Considering that Landon ate four bowls of my mom's batch at her house yesterday, I think I'd better get right on that!

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anythingbutsnow said...

Yay we love Walter's too, I think I've spend over 200 dollars there this year alone :)