Wednesday, March 24, 2010

baby chicks

Tyson and I decided to get ourselves some chickens this year and raise them for the eggs. So, last week the boys and I ventured out to Big R and bought ourselves some baby chicks.
We will have four and we are raising two for my mom and step-dad until they get big enough to go live at their place. We got a Rhode Island Red, a Black Australorp, a Barred Rock, and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. They are growing like crazy and Tyson is planning to build us a coop for them soon. They are currently living in a large cardboard box in our garage until feathers replace their soft down, but then they will be moved out to the back of our yard near the garden.

The boys are so excited about them. Coleson loves to watch them and pet them gently with a finger. Landon is big enough to hold them himself (after I place them in his cupped hands), and proudly shows them off to his friends.

This will be a fun adventure, and I am beyond excited about having our own eggs. Nothing beats eggs fresh from chickens that are well tended. Yum!


hannah said...

Oh that is SO exciting! I'm a teeny bit jealous. I still cant convince Jason that chickens will be so awesome. Those fresh eggs will be AMAZING!! :)

anythingbutsnow said...

We've been thinking about chickens too.. especially after 2 dozen eggs a week or so, I think you can be the guinea pig and let me know how it goes :) lol They are pretty darn cute I must say:)