Saturday, February 13, 2010


Landon has been so creative lately in his play. I love watching his imagination come alive. He takes many of my household items and turns them into what he wants them to be. I mentioned the other day how he uses my salad spinner as headgear. Shortly after that, he pulled out my air popper for popcorn and one of my belts and asked me to strap his "fire extinguisher" to his back. Of course, the cord
made a perfect hose for spraying. So, he was running around for hours with a salad spinner on his head and a popcorn popper on his back playing fire fighter. He even got his friend in on the whole thing:
Some days I wonder why we keep any toys in the house at all.

Then again, his toy fire trucks have gotten a lot of action lately. This kid is all about responding to emergencies. If Coleson cries, Landon comes running, usually yelling about emergencies and how the ambulance is on the way. Coleson has started running along behind him pushing his favorite truck, too. They are too cute together! I can't wait to see the games they will play when Coleson is just a bit older.

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